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Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 1-1: Facts and Respect vs. Feelings and Attention!

Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 1-2: Focus vs. Diffuse Awareness

Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 1-3: Producing Results and Solving Problems vs. Completing, Connecting, and Relativity

Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 1-4: Concealing and Conserving vs. Revealing and Including

Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 1-5: Behind the Plan vs. Behind the Person

Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 1-6: Dishonor vs. Betrayal and the Rage Monster

We can dishonor our partner, co-workers, friends and family without even knowing it! Find out how to heal the hurt and calm the rage monster

Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 1-7: Legacy vs. Reflection

Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 1-8: Orgasm vs. Intimacy

Rock Your Relationships - 14-Day Challenge... (Sept 2020)

Coaching with Barbara Cole Salmeron!

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Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 2-1: Exploring the Stages of Development of our Magnificent Men!

Explore the Stages of Development of our Magnificent Men! Gain a deep understanding of the types of support our men need in each life stage!

Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 2-2: Honoring the Phases of the Hunt

Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 2-3: Understanding Team, Loyalty, and Male/Female Etiquette

Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 2-4: Supporting Transition Time and Getting Underway

Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 2-5: Speaking to the Point and the Problem

Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 2-6: Harnessing Single Focus to Create Connection

Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 2-7: Piercing Our Common Illusions

Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series 2-8: Supporting Competition and Ambition

Relationship Harmony: Masterclass Series #2 Bundle of 8! (Over 33% off!)

This bundle includes all 8 of my Series #2 Masterclasses!

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After a very painful divorce, I never wanted to get married again. My girlfriend was not going to stick around for that level of commitment. We took Barbara’s classes and I was able to see that my next relationship did not need to be anything like my last one. I am now happily married to an amazing woman, and I’ve never felt more respected and appreciated. I would have missed out on so much without Barbara’s classes and gentle guidance. My wife and I think she’s the greatest!
Robert S. - Dallas, TX
Barbara is a friend and is always inviting me to her online classes about relationships. I never understood why, as I am a gay woman and not interested in dating men. But we had a few coaching sessions about a woman I'm dating, and I now see that what she teaches applies to all types of relationships; gay or straight, married or dating, romantic or otherwise!

I have also had private Reiki+Gong sessions from Barbara and took her Gong classes so I could learn how to play. She’s a really great teacher, and her private sessions simply move mountains for me. I’m so happy to have a beautiful gong in my home, and to know how to play it correctly! My 6-year old loves it too!

Karen T. - Fort Worth, TX
I took part in several of Barbara’s online Emotion Release sessions for small groups. It was amazing what she was able to pinpoint for each of us with powerful accuracy. I had my doubts, but her technique made a difference for me, and I would recommend her to anyone! She also helped me with a relationship issue. I’m so glad I met Barbara!
Rachael S. - Boston, MA
I used to attract a certain “type” of guy that did not treat me very well. I had no idea that I was allowing and even encouraging that treatment to continue! With some private coaching for relationship issues and her unique emotion release sessions, I was able to identify and let go of these old destructive patterns. I’m now dating a great guy who treats me like a queen! Thank you Barbara, for helping me see myself AND men in a whole new light!
Maria J. - San Francisco, CA
After 22 years of marriage, we were at a breaking point. Barbara's classes and coaching helped to save my marriage, which is now stronger than ever. My husband even questioned why we were spending so much to see our therapist, when one session with Barbara gave us so much more insight and solutions! I am forever grateful.
Jessica L. - Scottsdale, AZ

Barbara Cole Salmeron - Facilitator, Coach, & Stress Relief Specialist

Barbara is a Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Stress-Relief Specialist,  Gong Master/Teacher, author, recording artist, and public speaker.

Having lived in several countries, she has had the opportunity to study many different forms of stress reduction techniques and ways to empower ALL of our relationships (work, family, romance!). 

Barbara’s real-world teaching style and down-to-earth way of relating helps people to feel safe and comfortable when learning new things.

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